Most modern events (music, club, theater, various shows) can not do without lighting technology. Light fixtures allow you to create a unique performance using numerous effects. To achieve the desired result, lighting equipment is installed on special structures – aluminum trusses. This metal equipment allows you to correctly place lighting devices.

Rental of aluminum farms

Benefits of Aluminum Trusses. Such designs should be not only as convenient as possible for the proper placement of lighting devices, but also safe. We are talking about large rooms and a large amount of equipment, which at some concert venues reaches a weight of several tons. These are the qualities that aluminum models have.

We highlight a few special advantages of aluminum light trusses:

  • assembled farms are compact enough for simple, comfortable transportation. In addition, the compact overall dimensions and lightness of the design itself make it easy to assemble and install frames on any site;
  • the design itself, fasteners have high stability, durability, withstand severe loads;
  • high performance characteristics of aluminum trusses indicate the durability of the structure (of course, with proper installation and use);
  • the most high-quality materials are used in the production of farms, which allows us to talk about the flexibility and reliability of structures;
  • the external aesthetics of the farms meets all modern requirements, which is important when organizing colorful shows, original music concerts;
  • оne of the main features of aluminum is its resistance to high and low temperatures, as well as to their sharp changes.

Aluminum farms Ukraine

Aluminum trusses in Ukraine are the most popular structures for mounting lighting equipment on stages for various purposes.

Like any metal structure, each farm has its own original shape. The choice of this form depends on the architectural features of the room, the potential weight load on the structure, and decorative preferences.

The following structural types of aluminum trusses are distinguished:

  • flat ladder trusses (double light);
  • trusses of a triangular section (trilight);
  • square-shaped trusses (quadrolight);
  • circular farms.

These are reliable designs that allow you to install various lighting equipment: light heads, dynamic devices, floodlights for various purposes.
In general, we already realized that the main purpose of aluminum trusses is to provide a reliable framework for various events, concerts, which use lighting equipment. In other words, the organization of the stage (concert, theatrical, exhibition).