Installation of a scene consists of several stages. The speed of installation of the stage, the reliability and strength of the structure itself depend on thoughtful and quality work on each of them. That is why when ordering a scene it is better to contact companies that have extensive experience in this field. This will allow you to get quality service for less money.

Installation of the stage

Before starting installation, you must carefully inspect the site. First, to assess the quality of the coating, possible surface irregularities and, if necessary, to carry out special preparation or cleaning, as well as to outline ways for the delivery of equipment directly to the installation site. Based on the inspection and the agreements reached with the customer, it is possible to calculate and prepare the necessary amount of materials and equipment for the installation of the stage.

So, after preparatory work, delivery and unloading of materials and equipment necessary for the installation of the stage in the immediate vicinity of the site, so that the necessary elements are at hand, you can begin the installation of the stage.

Stage design

First, the contour of the podium and sound portals is assembled and the geometry is aligned, then, with the help of additional elements, the necessary height is completed, the floor level is leveled, and the stage structure is reliably fastened by connecting elements called crossbars. Next, the floor is laid, a beam is laid on the metal frame of the podium and sound portals, and bakelite plywood is screwed to the beam. At the end, the roof, already closed by the banner, rises and fastens and a ladder is installed. The side, inner walls and the upper part of the sound portals, as well as the back are closed with thematic or standard banners, and the front part of the sound portals is closed with a banner grid, to improve the sound quality. If desired, you can consider other ways of decorating the scene.

Now comes the stage of installation and configuration of various lighting and sound equipment prepared for this event.