Already in ancient times, for the distribution of actions in different planes on the stage-arena required technical tricks – a sliding or lifting curtain, triangular prisms, sliding platforms. Later, they used the lower and upper scenes to effect the appearance / disappearance of characters and scenery. Of course, stage mechanics consisted of simple ropes and beams, but even such basic technical adaptations made a tremendous impression on the inexperienced spectator. In contemporary theatrical productions, it is necessary to use sophisticated computer systems of stage machinery to fully immerse the viewer in the atmosphere of the performance.

Today, the production of powerful stage effects is the responsibility of a separate direction of stage technology called “stage mechanics”.

Scene mechanics is a complex concept that consists of separate elements: stank, sophisticated and individual ascents, light towers, portal scenes, rotating circles and rings, lifting platforms, dumps, movable wagons, flight devices, and transformed scenes.

The traditional set of components of stage mechanics has taken to a new level. For example, to replace the elementary manual counterbalance lifting system comes mechanical without counterbalance system. Not understanding its dignity is still something to challenge the advantages of a modern car over the drawn transport: saving time, a significant reduction in personnel for the installation of scenery, the rejection of archaic loads and complex block system, absolute accuracy and synchronous movement of mechanisms. With high quality components of foreign production and competent design solutions can be achieved silence and unique smoothness of the stroke.

Moving platforms

Without moving platforms it is difficult to imagine holding concerts, festivals, performances and any other kind of mass events. They allow you to place numerous speakers and other acoustic equipment. First, they are designed for acoustics, which should be at a certain height. In some cases, the platform design allows you to place sound, light or DJ settings. The height of the building can be determined by means of legs.

If you need a platform for speakers, you need to decide the height of the structure. It can be either stationary or mobile. The legs allow to increase the area of ​​placement of equipment. You can choose designs with different type of floor covering. This will allow you to diversify the format of the event.

It is important to determine the weight of the equipment that will be placed on the catwalks and buy the kits that allow the equipment to withstand. We will help you choose the product according to the given weight characteristics.