In each city, we sooner or later see a picture of the structure of large-scale structures that are intended for performances. For one-off performances, the organizers hire the design, but if the performances are scheduled on a regular basis, it is better to buy a ready-made stage from specialist companies. All elements of the finished scene are assembled by experienced professionals to avoid breakage of different nature and to provide stability, safety for the environment. Scenes can be completely different – performed in different performances, in different sizes, all at the request of the client. An individual approach to ordering is possible if the client needs a design of unconventional sizes.

It is unlikely that anyone will argue that the design is very important lighting design. And in order to place enough light equipment, you need a strong and reliable frame. This frame is made of aluminum and is called a farm, all professional scenes it is used without fail. All farms are distinguished by three criteria:

● by form of execution;

● by form factor;

● length.

There are also straight and curved farms that are designed to make a circle. To connect the farms with each other use special spare parts – connectors. When choosing a farm the main role is played by the design of the concert hall and the stage.

Stage designs for hire

As mentioned above, the stage consists of details, one of which is the podium. It is the basis for any scene, that is, the floor. It can be from 30 cm to several meters above the ground, these nuances depend on the need for podium height. Podiums can be purchased as wood, plastic, polycarbonate and even glass. As for the shape of the catwalks, the range here is also huge: from classic rectangular and square shapes to amazing and bizarre spirals. Creating a scene is not so easy processes, to create an order takes into account many parameters, even the strength of the design itself. All calculations apply to absolutely all parts of the scene construction. It is very important for the podium to choose the right covering material. Aluminum alloys are used for durable catwalks. The system of fastening in modern catwalks is simple and is based on several leg latches, but the older models consist of many elements that need to be carefully connected. Wooden catwalks are considered to be the most widespread, they have repeatedly proved their practicality and durability (easy to operate, easy to transport, have an aesthetic appearance).

Today, there is no difficulty in buying a stage, farm or podium, thanks to many modern shops where professionals work know their business. Experienced professionals can advise and advise the best option to resolve the issue. In addition, the stage will be a great addition to the telescopic lift, which can be used to raise light trusses, linear arrays, etc.