In anticipation of the start of the performance, the viewer studies the interior of the hall. The clothing of the scene, which should create an atmosphere of a riddle, in anticipation of something interesting and beautiful, attracts the most attention. The hall is located at the school, or in a large theater, his face will be exactly the clothes of the stage.

Stage clothes

You can independently choose the shapes and colors of the elements, or order a design project directly from the manufacturer. The color can be any, but we recommend maroon, gray, green and cream tones. A number of fabrics are used for manufacturing: velvet, vinyl, satin, sometimes silk and woolen fabrics. The main criteria that a stage set must meet are beauty, quality, practicality and price. It is not recommended to order sewing in ordinary ateliers, as the fabric must meet all fire safety requirements: either the material is impregnated with a special compound, or a non-combustible lining is attached on the back side. In addition, it is important that the material does not fade or stretch over the years. A properly sewn product should contribute to the light and sound insulation of the scene.

To control the design, you can choose one of three options:

  • Manual – suitable for small rooms;
  • Electric stationary – the console is mounted on the wall;
  • Remote.

Rental clothes for the stage

Our company rents stage clothes for various theater and entertainment events:

  • black cabinet;
  • black, white backstage;
  • backdrops;
  • holly;
  • stage or catwalk skirt.

By our own means we can provide a curtain (dimming, drapery) with a length of up to 600 linear meters and a height of up to 24 meters. Since we have vast experience working at various events – our stage clothes are sewn in such a way that all products have a “usable” size. They can be used as backstage, backdrops, curtains, capes in all kinds of configurations.