Scaffolding – designs that allow you to hold various concerts, rallies, shows, competitions and other events in any purpose. This is the most practical and cost-effective solution for festivals and other recurring or temporary events. Installation of such scenes takes a minimal amount of time. However, they are very reliable and durable enough construction. Information about the types and features of collapsible scenes can be obtained by reading our article.

Collapsible scene designs are designed to hold various events both outdoors, in spacious rooms, in exhibition halls, etc. With the help of such equipment it is possible to hold a concert, competition, rally, sports or any other event anywhere.

Such structures are a set of separate modules from which a stage complex can be assembled in a short time, which will provide comfort for the spectators and guests of the event, and will also be convenient for the artists. Modular collapsible scenes for concerts are completed with a complete set of elements that are also present in stationary structures found in theaters and palaces of culture. These include: fences, podiums, supporting elements, etc.

Scaffolding Ukraine

The parts and structural elements of the collapsible stage are usually made of aluminum. They have reliable fastening methods and are distinguished by a simple assembly system. In some types of collapsible scenes, several configurations can be assembled. The developers of mobile stage constructions considered the possibility of mounting advertising products – banners, banners and flags.

The mobile collapsible scene has several advantages:

  • Quick and easy installation. It takes only a few minutes to assemble and disassemble the scene. The kit includes all the necessary fasteners.
  • A thoughtful system of uniform load distribution. Thanks to such balance and strengthened welds, the collapsible scene will last as long as possible even in the conditions of intensive operation.
  • The versatile design of the collapsible stage allows for any kind of mass events. Thus, the purchase of mobile stage equipment will allow you to solve your tasks for a long time.
  • These designs feature a lightweight look and a stylish design that will be appropriate for any type of event.
  • You can install a collapsible scene on any site, regardless of the quality of its surface.
  • The light weight of the structure allows it to be transported to any distance.