The podium is the basis of any scene, it is a kind of “floor” that rises above the ground at an altitude of 30 cm from a couple of meters, depending on the need. There are different coating materials for creating podiums, so today you can buy products from wood, plastic, glass, polycarbonate, etc. The sizes and shapes of podiums can be different – from classic to non-standard, in the form of polygonal and bizarre shapes, which opens up new possibilities to implement creative ideas in the construction of scenes. When developing and creating a scene, you need to take into account a lot of parameters, including windage, so that it is not damaged by wind gusts, the same applies to podiums (the load per square meter depends on the coating material). At the base of the podium, aluminum alloys are often used, light and strong at the same time.


In Ukraine, podiums are in great demand, they can be found on many stages, stands, VIP zones and other facilities. On the podium, the price depends on many of its indicators. Thus, the optimal model of the podium combines attractive appearance and high load-bearing capacity. The podium is equipped with an aluminum frame, sturdy plywood, legs for the podium, sets of stairs and handrails.

Ease of installation, modularity, reliable and safe daily operation are the main indicators of a high-quality podium. Do not forget about the reliable fastening and clamps, which give integrity and strength to the whole scene. The assembly of podiums and other stage constructions should be entrusted to professionals who will carry out work quickly and efficiently to satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Today, many stores offer stage equipment, including a podium to buy inexpensively. Indeed, among the huge assortment of models there is plenty to choose from to your taste, color and wallet. Prefabricated podiums, which are practical, easy to operate and unpretentious in care, are in great demand and have an aesthetic appearance. They can always be easily assembled and moved, unlike catwalks made of other materials.

If you want to inexpensively purchase a high-quality podium, an online store provides just such an opportunity. The product purchased here is ideal for entertainment events. Show equipment sells any stage equipment, professional equipment, musical instruments, accessories and more. Deliveries of podium constructions are carried out only from leading manufacturers who provide a guarantee for their products. In this online store you can always count on the help of qualified managers who will select the necessary design for the podium, based on the wishes of each client. If you wish, you can visit the showroom in the Dnieper, where you can lively see samples of the catwalks.

Podiums are the foundation of any “floor” scene, in simple and understandable language, which rises above the ground at a distance of 30 centimeters to several meters, depending on the required height of the podium. Accordingly, there are also different coating materials, nowadays you can buy a podium both from wood, plastic, glass and even polycarbonate. The forms of the catwalks can have both the classic appearance of a square or rectangle, and various bizarre shapes from spirals to polyhedra, which opens up new possibilities for the construction of scenes. When creating a scene, many different parameters are taken into account, including the sailing structure, so that with a strong gust of wind the scene simply would not collapse. These calculations also apply to the catwalks. After all, what mass, per square meter, it can withstand depends on the coating material and its characteristics. As the base of the podium, aluminum alloys are often used.


For modern catwalks, the system of fastening the legs is extremely simple and consists of two pairs or more latches for legs, which simplifies assembly, due to the absence of additional bolts and other fastening elements for which a special tool is required. Wooden podiums are considered to be the most practical by right, they are practical and not pretentious to use, and in case of damage to the surface it can be tinted or repaired, which cannot be said about other types of coating.

Often, catwalks, like other stage constructions, are rented or rented. Podium rental and podium rental are related, but at the same time different concepts. Leasing implies the conclusion of a lease agreement, which clearly spells out the lease term and the condition and conditions for the return of equipment. A rental, this is a one-time event, to which the dealer comes himself, sets everything up, conducts technical support of the event.