Many public events held outdoors require special stage equipment. We offer a rental stage for events just for these purposes. The stage is a structure elevated above the ground, with a canopy, which allows you to place sound and lighting equipment, as well as various decorations.

Mobile Stage Rental

Rental of stage constructions can be carried out along with the delivery, assembly and full setup of all equipment. We also offer rental of sound equipment and lighting equipment, assembly of a stage podium, stage design. Using our range of services, you can hold any event, regardless of its focus and scale – be it a small children’s party, or a massive music concert.

The cost of renting a scene depends on its design features, dimensions, equipment, rental period, the need for delivery and installation. As a manufacturer of concert venues and other stage constructions, we can offer the most favorable rental conditions.

The scenes produced by our company have several advantages:

  • Mobility – thanks to its light weight and collapsible design, scenes can be quickly transported from place to place.
  • Quick installation. All elements of the scene are easily assembled and disassembled. The exact installation time depends on the size of the structure.
  • Year-round – events can be organized at any time of the year with our scenes.
  • Aesthetics. Mobile scenes have a nice look. For each individual event, you can choose a unique concert venue.

A team of professional installers will assemble the stage construction, connect all the equipment and fully prepare the stage for corporate events.