In addition to the cost of installing structures, one of the essential items of the budget – maintenance of machinery. In particular, the axle is subjected to constant loads, so the implementation of an axle load control system could help avoid breakage, optimize loading and, in addition, eliminate penalties for exceeding the axial load. The system is based on sensors that transmit data to the online transport monitoring system and to the display. Application-based solutions are products designed to meet European quality standards.

The load monitoring system is axle load sensors that are mounted on the rear and sometimes front axles of the equipment.

Load management systems

The axle load control system allows
control the transportation process in more detail, obtaining valuable information about:

  • Load-unloading
  • Possible excess load on the axle
  • Loading and unloading locations and times

Based on the data from the axle load sensors, you can:

  • timely monitor the state of the art, avoiding overloads,
  • to control the work, excluding the possibility of “left loads”,
  • to avoid errors in the calculations of the maximum axial load, and therefore not to pay penalties for congestion.

That is why the decision to install axle load sensors for working equipment directly helps you save money.