Everyone, at least once, was in a night club, cafe, restaurant. And agree that we were all attracted by the loud music playing and the bright, impressive light. Light that creates mood! Light that impresses! When it comes to nightclubs, the first thing that comes to mind is music and flashing lights! Absolutely in every club, you can observe the effect of light equipment. After all, thanks to the correct light supply, the establishment acquires its unique style, atmosphere, mood and rhythm. This gives night clubs the opportunity to occupy a leading position in the entertainment industry.

Orenda svitla

If you decide to purchase a number of light modules, we recommend that you pay special attention to this point. Just like on the scales, there is a reputation and positioning, not just your place, but directly you!

The market offers a wide choice of technical solutions, and gives the opportunity to realize the most unusual wishes. You, in the truest sense, have the opportunity to transform an institution to your liking. Fortunately, today the choice of lighting systems is so great that problems with the purchase of this equipment simply will not arise. We intentionally will not go into detail and list the technical characteristics of each of them as it will take a considerable amount of time.

Lighting equipment differs from other systems by a wide variety. Spotlights can be: directional, diffuse, with automatic color change, with one and several color filters, profile, trackers and so on.

Installation of light

What to what?

  • Stroboscope – creates a jerky movement effect, also called “flash effect”;
  • Mirror balls – a classic and integral attribute of the club interior;
    Intellectual light is multifunctional, this equipment is amazing. Effects: scattering, narrow direction, automatic color change. Color, profile and tracking filters and much, much more.

Additional equipment:

  • Remote light control – allows you to adjust and set the desired lighting mode;
  • LED design – will become a “chip” of your institution. Due to the uniqueness of the effect: LED lamps, ribbons, curtains, lamps, as well as LED elements of the decor, the club audience will not only be happy, but also will definitely come to you, more than once;
  • Microphone stands and fixtures are the necessary components, purchase of lighting equipment. If you are acquiring dimensional equipment or want to stage a podium or stage, you simply cannot do without the proper equipment.

The description of the above listed devices is just a small part of what the market has to offer today. It should be noted that the system of this direction can be talked about for hours.