For celebrations, concerts, performances, lighting equipment is almost always necessary. In productions, the perception of what is happening on the stage depends on the light. During celebrations, light underlines the importance of every moment.

In the company you can rent any lighting equipment. You can rent any lighting equipment. Our experts will select the light for any event, be it a performance, concert, corporate event, sports competition, scientific conference, wedding, youth party or children’s party.

To change the parameters of the backlight and adjust the lighting effects, use the remote control. Light control panels have a different number of channels. In some cases, the equipment allows you to program the operating modes of lighting equipment. Then the lighting works almost automatically – it’s enough for the operators to switch the knobs.

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Today, DMX consoles are in demand. This is a programmable device that facilitates the work of lighting technicians. Advanced equipment has several hundred channels and many operating modes.
To control some devices, universal remote controllers are used. They have a simple design and do not take up much space. Remotes are used in theaters, stadiums, concerts, gala events and discos. Even small events can not do without professional equipment. Without a remote control, controlling the backlight is almost impossible, especially if numerous devices are used.

The light panel is one of the most important devices for controlling light. It is a modern computerized system for controlling floodlights and simple disco lighting fixtures, which has a rich functionality of tools for creating breathtaking light show paintings. The light control panel is a fairly broad concept, and can be a compact device for installation in a REC with some faders and a full-sized concert console for controlling hundreds of light devices and medi

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To facilitate the work of the operator, the light control panel is often equipped with a built-in microphone, and sometimes a separate audio input, which allows you to control the lights with a musical signal. Thus, the compact remote control is a fairly simple, but very convenient device that will help a specialist program existing lighting devices, and in the future even a layman will be able to turn on and select certain programs. Light control panels are a very budgetary decision and even a small cafe with a summer area, where several spotlights and a couple of simple lighting fixtures are installed, can afford to buy.