Installation of building structures in modern construction has a large share of all types of construction work. This is facilitated by the development of industry in the production of large building elements. In turn, it increases the industrialization of construction in general, accelerating and reducing the cost of processes.

Installation of special structures is performed not only in the construction of fully prefabricated houses, but also in the seroitelstvo of buildings made of artificial elements or in monolithic construction. For example, the installation of foundation blocks or slabs of floors is possible during the construction of brick houses. A favorable factor in the development of the installation is the introduction of lighter construction materials, which makes it possible to produce larger elements of buildings with subsequent installation.

To perform the installation work, you need to equip the site with special equipment. The main role is played by cranes. A series of cranes of different load capacity and mobility provide installation of most elements. Special equipment, including aircraft, is used for the construction of individual structures.

The composition of the installation of building structures

As a result of the process of installation of building structures get the finished building or part of it. This process consists of transport, preparatory and installation work.

Hire of special designs

  • Transportation of assembly elements is a delivery and storage
  • Preparation is an enlarged assembly or temporary strengthening of structures for their installation
  • Installation is slinging, lifting, installing, securing the building structure and removing temporary reinforcements.
  • In a particular case, the installation of building structures can be made of wheels. In this case, transportation consists in the delivery of elements from the factory to the construction site, and the preparation of the elements for installation is absent.

Methods of installation of building structures

Methods of installation of building structures conditionally subdivide on the basis of consolidation of precast elements.

  • small element assembly
  • characterized by high complexity and low assembly speed due to the small size of the assembly elements.
  • elemental assembly
  • panels, columns, plates, frames. The most common type of installation, the simplicity of technology allows to mount from the wheels.
  • block installation
  • characterized by the pre-assembly of the enlarged elements on the construction site with subsequent rise. Thus
    thus, most assembly operations are performed on special sites rather than on top.

Also distinguish – separate, complex, combined, free, limited-free and forced way of installation.