We ask you to familiarize yourself with the terms of rental equipment.

Halogen devices for hire

If you are taking equipment from us for the first time, we ask you to fill out a customer profile. Without a completed and approved application form, you cannot book, pick up equipment or order delivery.

The application is reviewed within 24 hours. If you do not want to fill out and send your data and scans of your documents through the site, you can fill out a questionnaire at our office at any working time.

Upon approval of the questionnaire, an employee of our company will call you back and will be able to make a reservation. At the first conclusion of the contract, you are issued a registered (cumulative discount) customer card.

If you have been given a customer’s name card, we won’t be able to give you equipment the next time without presenting this card when taking the equipment. Please do not forget or lose your card. If the card is lost, your account will be blocked and you will have to go through the process of filling out and reviewing the application form again.

The minimum rental time is one shift (day). Change – 24 hours (day). That is, if you pick up equipment at 14:00 for one shift, then by 14:00 the next day you must return it and this will be considered one shift. If you do not hand over the equipment before 14:00, but hand over it, for example, at 19:00, then an additional shift is considered. The “Processing” tariff is valid only if you reserve equipment for processing in advance. Otherwise, penalties apply or an additional change in the choice of the employee accepting the equipment is considered. A change is considered from the time on which you place the reservation, and not from the moment of actual collection.


1. Issuance of equipment according to documents.
2. Issuance of equipment against a bail.
3. Issuance of equipment on the security of your equipment.
4. Delivery of equipment on the recommendation and surety of our regular customers.

1.1 Original passport with a residence permit. Temporary registration is not suitable. We will give the original passport back to you – we still have a scan of the main page and the registration page. Scan we do in the office.

1.2 Plus one of three documents:

A) passport
B) driver’s license
B) military ID

Any of the three documents of your choice. This one of the three documents (the original) remains with us as a pledge for the period of using our property.

After the 3rd lease in our company – a second security document is not needed.

1.3 A standard contract is concluded.
All documents must be for one individual and an agreement is drawn up for the same person.

The cash deposit in each case is calculated separately, but as a rule, in the amount of 80% of the cost of new equipment. If you take equipment on a bail, you also need to fill out a customer form, but the procedure for its approval is simplified.

It is always considered individually. About this type of deposit – inform at the time of booking.

If you do not have the opportunity to take equipment according to the previous three schemes – perhaps one of your friends is our regular customer, whom we trust and can vouch for you. A guarantee and the amount of equipment under this guarantee is considered individually.

We do not issue equipment for persons under 18 years of age.

When concluding a contract for a legal entity, you need to send your organization’s registration card with details and a scan, a signed power of attorney with the organization’s seal to the employee who will pick up the equipment. The power of attorney template, you can download from this link. The employee must have the original passport with him. We take a scan from your employee’s passport – please get his prior consent.

Individuals can pay for the rental of equipment in cash or with a plastic card in our office when picking up or handing over the equipment. Clients with open debts, our company may refuse to issue equipment (including reserved).

In case you need to cancel the reservation or reschedule the lease, you need to call us no later than 24 hours before the confirmed time of issue of the equipment. In case of cancellation or rescheduling later than 24 hours before the time of issue, a penalty of 50% of the cost of equipment rental per day is charged. In the event that you did not pick up the reserved equipment without warning, a penalty of 100% of the cost of renting the equipment per day is charged.

Due to the current market situation and due to total non-payments and delays from legal entities, at this stage our company works with legal entities ONLY on a prepayment basis. To pay by bank transfer, you must send your organization’s registration card with the details for invoicing. The invoice is issued on the basis of the order (reservation). Money must be received before equipment is taken. At the fence, on the basis of the equipment issued, an agreement and an act of equipment transfer are formed. Upon return, an act of return and an act of services rendered are formed. If the order amount is less than the contract amount, an additional invoice is issued for payment. If the order amount is greater than the contract amount – the prepayment remains on your deposit with our company and you can use it for the next order.

Delivery is carried out only to those customers whose profiles are approved and scans of documents are in our company, so if you are booking equipment with us for the first time with delivery, you need to drive to our office and fill out all the relevant documents (contract and certificates).

Our company has the right to refuse delivery to persons taking equipment from our company for the first time without explanation.

The courier cannot meet you in the subway, on the street, etc. The meeting place can be an apartment, office, cafe, film set. Also, the meeting place should have conditions for checking equipment.

The courier does not denounce the equipment from the closest parking spot to the shooting location.

If the customer’s meeting place is paid parking, entrance to the territory requires payment, or the car can only be parked in paid parking, even if the meeting place is an apartment or office, the cost of parking the car must be paid by the customer in full.

Equipment delivery rules:

1. For the reception and transmission of equipment is given 30 minutes.

2. Delivery is carried out by a certain agreed time, the courier is allowed to be late for 15 minutes from the approved time. If the Courier is late for more than 15 minutes from the appointed time, the delivery cost will not be charged, and equipment rental should be paid in full.

Acceptance of equipment by courier is carried out according to the acceptance certificate without quality control. The quality of the equipment is checked by the manager when the equipment is delivered to the office of our company.