For the full and productive operation of servers of the love name, be it an office, a large manufacturing enterprise or mass events, it is necessary to logically and create a developed question between server components or server stability.

Control and distribution

This kind of parsing requires a specially finished question design, which is a separate unit that is responsible for separating the issues between the equipment installed in the utility cabinet or rack and protecting it from unforeseen situations. Often, all manufacturers offer to expand Power distribution issues in separate blocks that can be linked together.

Power distribution

If you work with Power distribution, you don’t need a server-side split panel, and you need some basic tips. To split the question system, consider the following metrics:

  • Reliable safety features in the units: it is the safety of your equipment and compliance with normal fire safety.To do this, there are automatic safety devices in them, and rebooting is an important quality.
  • The ability to power from single-phase and three-phase networks is an extension of the functionality of your server.
  • Properly organized thermoelectric blocking of distributed issues is a means that the equipment in the telecommunication cabinet does not overheat due to interaction with Power distribution units.
  • The format of the blocks, even if it does not play a role in the functional distribution systems, is not subject to the proper configuration of the equipment and its installation in the rack. Choose the various options that will be logically placed in the rack with equipment – vertical or horizontal, from their positions in the space of quality of work does not change.