Repeatedly faced with such a task, the designers of stage electronic equipment offer an interesting solution – a trouble free winch with a vertical arrangement of the drum and rope stacker.

Winches of this design do not require a complex system of spare cables and occupy a small surface area during installation. They can be mounted in rows on the head with a step of 40 cm, which reduces the placement between the pants up to 200 mm. Due to the channel laying, the outlet points are not taken care of by the winch, and it can be placed in close proximity to the deflecting blocks. If counterbalance rises were used before the scene was reconstructed, the new winches will organically take their place in the walls, where the counterbalances are faster.

Rent сhain hoists

Over the past year, the winches of individual lifts have improved. They have become mobile and also non-resistance. Remember what the restrictions called stationary individual lifting – changing the suspension points made it necessary to create anchorage of additional blocks and the extension of a long traction rope. Modern mobile winches give the same capacity in carrying capacity, but can be transported quickly through the column space, without cluttering it with unnecessary intricacies of blocks and cables. By placing the winch in the right place of the grate, you can change the point of the individual suspension.

Chain hoists rolling

In rooms where fantasy is limited to high, for example, in small scenes and in rehearsal rooms, it is convenient to use winches with spaced drums to wind a rope. For the same purposes, winches with a single drum, capable of spreading soft decorative elements (banners, backdrops) directly on the drum are used.

There is one innovation in the stage mechanics market – used as cement and tape winch connections. Thanks to the small size and small weight, such winches are easily transported, they can be attached in any necessary city. Useful winches are convenient for connecting portable or mobile soffits, sound clusters, scenery and chandeliers where high speed is not required. The best theatrical foresters are gloomy with such low noise levels that they can be changed during a performance without adding to the additional noise effect, hiding the sound from the mechanisms.
Tape winches are portable, compact and provide high speed transfer. Noise level does not turn 48 dB, and even if it works with the mechanism, it is possible to bend only lighter rustling of the tapes. The multi-colored ribbon winch model allows you to use it for decorative connection. Numerous overseas theaters use such winches in their touring activities.

Lower stage mechanics are responsible for the modification of the stage space and transformation of the relief scene and the auditorium in the theater. In case mobile podiums with noticeable height and inclination are used for this purpose. In the maximum variant – fully automated stationary lifting-output platforms with different types of actuators. Modern mechanisms ensure smooth running, accuracy of residues, reliable stability in any interspersed position for the start of reliable guides, as well as improved design of their own platforms. Specialized sensors automatically leave all mechanisms in place when foreign objects come into view between moving and dissimilar private ones.