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Access bridges & staircases


Collapsible metal bridge structures are mainly used for narrow purposes and are used as inventory structures for the construction of permanent bridges, spans of temporary bridges for the construction of large national economic facilities, on [...]

Access bridges & staircases2020-03-21T18:06:03+03:00

Management systems and load control


In addition to the cost of installing structures, one of the essential items of the budget - maintenance of machinery. In particular, the axle is subjected to constant loads, so the implementation of an axle [...]

Management systems and load control2020-03-21T16:47:21+03:00



Temporary fencing protects the environment from construction debris, blocking it from falling outside the site. This also includes the protection of passers-by who moved near the construction site. Mobile fences protect the construction site itself [...]


Stage designs


In each city, we sooner or later see a picture of the structure of large-scale structures that are intended for performances. For one-off performances, the organizers hire the design, but if the performances are scheduled [...]

Stage designs2020-03-21T13:59:20+03:00

Platforms & decking structure


The podium is the basis of any scene, it is a kind of “floor” that rises above the ground at an altitude of 30 cm from a couple of meters, depending on the need. There [...]

Platforms & decking structure2020-03-21T12:33:48+03:00



Installation of a scene consists of several stages. The speed of installation of the stage, the reliability and strength of the structure itself depend on thoughtful and quality work on each of them. That is [...]




Most modern events (music, club, theater, various shows) can not do without lighting technology. Light fixtures allow you to create a unique performance using numerous effects. To achieve the desired result, lighting equipment is installed [...]


Control and power distribution


For the full and productive operation of servers of the love name, be it an office, a large manufacturing enterprise or mass events, it is necessary to logically and create a developed question between server [...]

Control and power distribution2020-03-20T20:58:12+03:00

Chain hoists


Repeatedly faced with such a task, the designers of stage electronic equipment offer an interesting solution - a trouble free winch with a vertical arrangement of the drum and rope stacker. Winches of this design [...]

Chain hoists2020-03-20T18:12:48+03:00

Installation of special structures


Installation of building structures in modern construction has a large share of all types of construction work. This is facilitated by the development of industry in the production of large building elements. In turn, it [...]

Installation of special structures2020-03-20T16:52:56+03:00
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