If you need to organize an event, but you don’t have the necessary equipment? In this case, you will have an actual rental of sound and lighting equipment, which will help solve problems with high-quality and not expensive sound and light.

Rental of sound

Not a single large-scale event, presentation, concert, corporate party, and even more so a wedding celebration, is complete without musical accompaniment. High-quality, clear sound is just as important as beautiful, refined scenery, helpful staff, delicious cuisine and an entertainment program for the event. After all, no one wants to listen to the rattle and screeching of faulty equipment, which can ruin the whole impression of the event. In addition to installing lighting devices and lighting equipment, the festival organizers should take care of the rental of musical equipment and its professional setting for high-quality sound.

Rolling sound

Renting audio equipment is an opportunity to organize an event without investing in the purchase of all the necessary equipment, which will probably be used only once. Hiring audio equipment can not only save money but also get high-quality sound, as well as professional service. The level of equipment depends on the type of event and its scale. It can be a speaker system, from two speakers and a simple cheap mixing console, and the same power amplifier. At the same time, you can rent acoustic systems of high power and sound quality with a set of professional equipment.

Sound engineering

The larger the project, the louder and cleaner the sound should be. As a rule, the cost of high-quality musical equipment surpasses tens of thousands, and it makes no sense to purchase it for one occasion. The only way out is to rent musical equipment.

Types of sound musical equipment. Depending on the installation method, such equipment can be:

  • mobile;
  • tationary.

By scope of application:

  • studio;
  • сoncert;
  • DJ equipment;
  • for home.

By quality:

  • professional;
  • semi-professional;
  • amateur.