Collapsible metal bridge structures are mainly used for narrow purposes and are used as inventory structures for the construction of permanent bridges, spans of temporary bridges for the construction of large national economic facilities, on timber and other temporary roads, temporary racks for passing public transport. Depending on the purpose, each of these types of collapsible bridges has its own characteristics and the manufacture of their elements is organized individually.

Construction of bridges

The SARM bridge set consists of three spans with a ride on top of a calculated span of 32.6 m and a passage clearance of 7.3 m, two intermediate supports 8.84 m high, installation equipment and transportation devices. Six spans can be assembled from the kit with a calculated span of 32.6 m and a passage dimension of 4.2 m. Technical specifications: Total bridge length assembled from one kit, m: For a single-track bridge – 200 For a double-track bridge – 100 Estimated time track load: For a single-track bridge – 40 tons. For a double-track bridge – 60 tons. Construction height, m. – 1.61 Maximum span of a bridge, m. – 32.6 Step of change of bridge span, m. – 7 Roadway width, m Single track bridge – 4.2 Double track bridge – 7.3 Maximum height of superstructure weft support, m. – 8.84 Step of changing the height of the support, m – 2 Weight of the bridge span — 32.6 m long, t. For a single-track bridge – 32.1952 For a double-track bridge — 55.0576 The total weight of the CAPM kit, t.– 260,288 Time for assembly and installation of the bridge of maximum length, h.: For a single-track bridge – 24-30 For a double-track bridge – 24 Calculation, people – 345

BARM – large road collapsible bridge From the BARM material part, single-span and multi-span bridges are constructed with spans of 52.5 m both split and continuous systems for double-track traffic with intermediate supports consisting of a superstructure installed on the base, which are constructed from local materials. The preserved capital and temporary supports can also be used as supports. The BARM set consists of two spans with downhill ride with an estimated span of 52.5 m and a passage clearance of 7 m, one superstructure of an intermediate support with a height of 8.84 m, installation equipment, and transportation devices. The kit is transported on 28 MAZ-504 vehicles with saddle trailers or 18 railway platforms.
bridge loading capacity – 60 t;
the total length of the bridge from the kit is 106 m;
maximum span – 53.3 m;
the width of the carriageway is 7 m;
maximum support height – 15 m;
step of changing the height of the support – 1.5 m;
weight of the bridge kit – 136.6 tons;
bridge assembly time – 20-40 hours.