The organization of large events is a troublesome business, but fascinating and grateful. It is pleasant to accept the praise of the guests and the hero of the occasion for his impeccable preparation. However, far from always everything goes smoothly, as we would like.

Public events

A massive entertainment, educational, sporting event often requires the construction of a stage on the site. Rental of stage constructions will allow you to organize a concert performance, city celebration, exhibition or fair. Rental equipment needed to organize an event of any format.
For public events in open areas, it is worth considering the rental of a stage and other professional equipment. The scenes offered for rent are modern constructions consisting of a reliable metal frame, an opaque awning and a floor surface. Strong tent fabric protects from rain and weather, and vertical supports and frame construction is used for the installation of lighting and sound equipment.
Of great importance is the overall picture; it is achieved by selecting a series of graphic images that complement each other naturally and harmoniously. At the same time, the design of the scene should fully reflect the concept of the event, and not be random. Even vivid images, chosen without regard to the idea, can create a heaping effect of beautiful pictures. And it will look out of place.
Graphic images must be implemented in high resolution; there is nothing worse than blurry images. However, with the proper responsible approach, this is easily avoided. Modern large format printing allows you to achieve the effect of professional photography.

Lighting technology

Stage lighting is not only a technique, but also a whole art. Light is an important component of the visual image. Therefore, the selection of equipment of different capacities and specifics depends on the essence of the event.
When designing a scene, it is very often necessary to create a real show, or at least partially embody its elements. For this case, special equipment is used. The standard set of such equipment includes acoustic special equipment, light musical instruments, smoke machines, fans, as well as generators of various effects – fire, snow, wind, foam, fog.